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Bio Energy Therapy

What is Bio Energy Therapy?

Bio energy therapy also know as Bio Energy Healing is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to traditional medicine. Bio energy therapy is a specialized form of healing therapy that works by balancing the flow of life force energy around and throughout the human body through a series of both hands-on and hands-off techniques to scan the body's biofield and balance it accordingly to help release the energy blockages.

Why Bio Energy Therapy?

Bio Energy Therapy is a real treat for your body, mind and spirit. Bio Energy Therapy is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment that increases the flow of energy and brings blockages in their energy field to the surface. Clients have noted improvements in asthma, arthritis, backache, insomnia, migraine and tension headaches, depression, anxiety, allergies, skin conditions and more.

Online Health Evaluation   IT'S AS EASY AS ... 1, 2, 3

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About Slawomir Gorczewski

Born a healer in Gdansk, Poland, Slawomir Gorczewski had healing abilities from a very young age. He had a gift of recognizing people’s illnesses through energy. He could see the diseases and problems of the people he was helping by seeing what was happening in their bodies through what he calls scanning them with his hands.

Slawomir Gorczewski spent many years studying ways of medicine, religion and eastern philosophy. He had clinics and hosted courses all over Europe, in places like Poland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Later on, in Poland, Slawomir founded Foundacja OKO, a foundation where he taught natural ways of healing, diagnosing, philosophy and meditation. He shared his knowledge in courses that were attended by people from all over the world and helped many people in his clinic and outside.

Slawomir Gorczewski

Slawomir wants to make a bigger impact on the world, and give people who cannot travel to see him or do not have the funds to do so, an easier opportunity to be diagnosed and healed. In this constantly changing world, technology is constantly increasing. So putting healthcare onto an online format is the only way to bring healing into this new generation.

Located at:

106 Lakeshore Road East
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5G 1E3

905 123 4567

What Clients Are Saying ...

  I was so sick for over 5 years, did every test out there you can possibly think of and no Doctor or Specialist could find what was wrong. Everything I ate bothered me with the exception of boiled potatoes and a small piece of grilled chicken once a week as a treat. I lost a whopping 85lbs. My family Doctor just kept prescibing acid reducers, after acid reducers for years. Finally I came to the conclusion that the acid reducers where doing more harm than good and so I stopped them, and began looking into a more natural approach to medicine and treatments, that's when I came across Slawomir. I'll never forget my first appointment, he had me sit in a chair, he looked at me and asked what had brought me to see him. The only thing I said was that I couldn't eat anything, everything bothered me and that I had lost 85lbs in the last 5 years. Slawomir did his evaluation and within less than 3 minutes I knew what was wrong, and after just one treatment I was able to come home and eat a regular meal that same day. I am so happy that I sought alternative medical treatment. I can't thank you enough Slawomir. It's nice to be able to eat again!

Anabel C - Stoney Creek, Ontario

 You've helped me and all of my family tremendously! Thanks so much!

Adam S - Binbrook, Ontario