Binbrook Pro Shop initially starting the summer of 2015. It was a dream to run a small community store. It took time to get the right pieces of the puzzle together and find the right partners who had as much passion to do things properly. We established that partnership with Walter in the summer of 2016.

The idea of Binbrook Pro Shop was to start off in a farmhouse off Hwy 56 but we had some obstacles with that idea which lead us to where we are now. Creating that small local business feel in such a big world would take time and effort. We are determined to make that happen.


Binbrook Pro Shop has successfully helped 100’s of customer with their needs. We have done numerous team fittings from hockey to soccer, dance studio’s we have done work uniforms and school uniforms.

We have provided equipment to many organizations and teams fulfilling small and large order’s.

We were successfully awarded the GMHA local league jerseys and socks for the 2017/2018 season, we currently have the contract to date still.

2018/2019 we were award the contract for the Glanbrook rep system entire order. We provided Jerseys and Socks along with all team wear for all 10 teams. We are still doing the teams in their rep program to date.

2018/2019 we were awarded the Jersey and Sock order for Bishop Ryan Highschool along with their team order.

2019/2020 we were awarded the team wear and spirit wear for the New Organization of the Glancaster Bombers. We provided over 20 teams with their pant shells, and complete team orders including Warm Up suits, Winter jackets, Sweatshirts, dri fit shirts and shorts.

We provided equipment to our Local Jr’C club for the 2017/2018 season to present.

We have made fantastic strides with large brand names to ensure we are getting direct contact to provide fair pricing to are customers. We speak with are reps daily and have build business and personal relationships.

The number one thing that we are proud of is the relationships we have with are CUSTOMER’S.

Mission Statement

We will provide a great product to which we have proven already to do so, we will provide great customer service to all. We feel customer service is the key to any small local business, business’s make mistakes it happens everyday but it’s not about the mistake made it’s about making it right and ensuring top quality always.

Binbrook Pro Shop strives on quick turnaround time, quality products, fair pricing and most importantly CUSTOMER SERVICE.