Commercial Heating Services

Commercial and Industrial Propane and Natural Gas Heating Services

Commercial and Industrial Heating Services

shop heating installation and service

Workshop Heating Installation and Service /Repair

-- Workshop Heating INSTALLATION

Our expert technicians know all about Workshop Heating Installations. We offer Shop Heater Installation and Service for all types and sizes of Workshops and Garages. You can rely on our professional team for expert advice, and to recommend the best make and model of Shop Heater that's best for your work space.

-- Workshop Heater SERVICE /REPAIR

Our Workshop Heater Repair service technicians are certified and trained to service and repair most makes and models of workshop heaters that are not working properly or are no longer providing efficient heating.

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plant piping installation services

Plant Piping Installation

-- Plant Piping INSTALLATION

We offer expert commercial and industrial piping installation services for all types of plants. Whether you are a start-up plant or want an upgrade of your mechanical installations for an already operational plant or a new plant, you can count James Deboer Contracting Ltd.for all of your Piping Installation requirements.

The type of Piping Installation services we offer are:

  • Gas piping installation (natural gas and propane)
  • Process piping installation
  • Compressed air piping installation

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constuction heating services

Construction Heater Installation and Service

-- Construction Heater INSTALLATION

We offer Construction Heaters Installation for applications such as construction jobs and industrial work sites - for temporary heating of buildings that are under construction, alteration, or repair.

Portable Construction Heaters are installed to provide temporary heat or simple air circulation, and can be used inside, or can be ducted in from the outside. Adequate ventilation is required.

* We install and service Forced Air Dual Fuel Propane/Natural Gas Construction Heaters only, no diesel.

-- Construction Heater SERVICE /REPAIR

Construction heaters are designed to withstand harsh working environments. They are reliable, durable and safe for work crews on any commercial, industrial or construction job. However like any other HVAC system, Construction Heaters require regular service; cleaning and maintenance to work effectively and efficiently. Our experts can help assess and address any issues with you are experiencing with your Construction Heaters.

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propane plant and dispenser installation and services

Propane Bulk Plant and Dispenser Installation and Service

-- Propane Bulk Plant and Dispenser INSTALLATION

We supply Propane Tank Installation and Maintenance services for various tank sizes. We are a Commercial and Industrial Propane Shop and we take safe propane tank compliance seriously. We deal with fuel every day and understand the importance of:

  • Proper propane bulk plant design, following all laws and requirements
  • Continuous inspection and maintenance of all propane-related safety devices
  • An emergency contingency plan in case the unexpected occurs
  • Conscientious employees who have all of the required training to work safely

-- Propane Bulk Plant and Dispenser SERVICE /MAINTENANCE

The safety of your employees, customers, and neighbors depends on it. Ensuring proper propane bulk-tank service; maintenance and compliance, your business benefits ... you can offer safe, reliable propane distribution and earn a reputation as a responsible, trusted propane supplier.

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